There has never quite been an audio drama like it. In fact, there has never been a drama like it. Most fantasy drama focus on one type of mythology throughout the series. But what if the characters from one mythology meet those in another and join forces? Well, you get Beyond the Realms where the characters of the Chinese mythological realms meet those of the Celtic realm.

With that said, are you ready to meet the main characters?

Su Lin

Species: Human Sorceress
Home Realm: Fugong
Voice Actor: Caetlyn McLean

In her mid-40s, Su Lin is probably one of the most accomplished of all fire sorceresses in Fugong without actually being an Elder in the Sorcerers' Court. She has spent most of her life practicing the art of magic and is one of the few sorceresses who can outmatch Kai Long's antics. Focused and independent, she doesn't suffer fools gladly but is always willing to admit when she needs assistance in certain tasks.

Cora Nyland

Species: Human Witch
Home Realm: Belafax
Voice Actor: Annette McLean

Independent and self-sufficient, Cora lives in a stone cottage in the middle of the Covenwick Forest with her familiar, Cedric. Due to the isolation of her cottage, she was made the guardian of the powerful Ambernyte Crystal until Kai Long broke into her cottage and stole it. Now, she needs Su Lin's help to get it back and keep the realms safe from the ambitious plan of the fire spirit.

Kai Long

Species: Fire Spirit
Home Realm: Fugong
Voice Actor: Paul Danger McLean

A spirit of the afterlife, Kai Long recently died in a house fire and decided to come back to extract revenge on those who ignored his presence while he was alive - not that he had made any real accomplishments. At the age of his death, Kai was in his mid-30s but he was also very ambitious and it shows in his afterlife. Now, he's out to prove to the world that he is much more than just a farmer's son and that he has the ability to rule the entire realm - even if he has to steal, lie and break the rules to achieve it.


Species: Chinese Phoenix
Home Realm: Fugong
Voice Actor: Rachel Blundey

Yin is one of a number of phoenixes within the the Fugong realm. Unlike the phoenixes in the Western world, Yin has the power to generate wind and is generally feared by most residents and sorcerers alike. Not many have been able to earn her trust and respect but Su Lin is one exception. But just because they can communicate telepathically, it doesn't mean she'll obey Su Lin's every command. She'll do exactly what she wants to - because she can.


Species: Celtic Dragon
Home Realm: Belafax
Voice Actor: Paul Danger McLean

To say Terrios is a fearsome character would be an understatement. He lives alone in a cave at near the Great Waterfall and is very protective of his domain. Of course, if he is offered fame, fortune and ultimate power, he's willing to make an exception ...