Inner Paradox began as an audio project for a university assignment way back in 2006. Named Sounds of Darkness, it was told from the viewpoint of a young blind woman trapped in a coma. She used audio clues heard by the activity around her and various flashbacks to work out how she ended up in the coma in the first place.

Caetlyn McLean, who wrote the play, received a Distinction for her efforts. She then went on the work on the second phase for the production as part of a more advanced assignment – adapting it into a small film known as Inner Core.

Using the audio from Sounds of Darkness, Inner Core was set mainly on a theatre stage. The flashback scenes were filmed in a house some weeks perviously and were projected onto a scrim which was co-incidentally used for another unrelated project at the time. Rather than seeing the scrim as a setback, it added a new form of separation between the main character, Ellie, who was on the stage and her sister, Beth, sitting alone in the audience watching Ellie’s performance.

That was over 10 years ago. We are now going back to our roots and attempting to re-create the audio project as a truly unique experience!