Classic Tales Revisited
We recite classic tales within the public domain and add sound effects and music to them for a truly unique listening experience!

Each episode is posted every Tuesday and hosted by Paul Danger McLean.

Crafty Lion Tales
Original stories, drama and poems written by members of our team, or with permission from the original authors.

Each episode is uploaded every second Wednesday and hosted by Paul Danger McLean

Fairy Tales For Young Ears - Coming Soon
Step into a world of classical fairy tales with us and help reintroduce the magic into your’s child imagination.

Our podcasts are unique with sound effects, character voices and music to bring a listening experience your child will never forget!

Tales of the Orient - Coming Soon
Have you ever wondered how certain Chinese festivals began? And who’s who in Chinese mythology? We will be exploring the origins of many aspects of Chinese culture as well as introducing you to some of the more well-known Chinese folklores and poems.

Bush Aussies - In Development
An artist from Adelaide, with dreams of getting rich, inherits a house in the country. There’s only one catch – he must live in it for a year first.

An original drama.